Social media strategies beyond confinement

Social media strategies beyond confinement

Due to confinement, social media strategies have been transformed to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. Agencies and professionals in the world of online marketing , have accompanied the trademarks in order to adapt to new goals . Regardless of the sector, many companies have needed a complete digital transformation and others have simply […]

What is social marketing and why has it come to stay?

What is social marketing

The Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of social marketing in the company . It is necessary to offer an effective response when it comes to overcoming a crisis like the one we have to overcome at a global level today. The pandemic is showing our weaknesses, but it is also allowing us to get the […]

Brands in social networks and their influence in 2020

Marcas en redes sociales

We echo the IAB by Elogia 2020 study , to show you the brand status on social media in the present. After two years of stagnation, the number of users grows on the popular platforms. In Spain, we reached the figure of 25.9 million Internet users connected to social networks. This supposes a 87% of […]

Facebook Search Graph, exploiting user information

“If you do not pay for the product, you are the product” is the famous mantra that many repeat to warn that none of the services that can be accessed for free on the Internet are really free of cost. Like other large companies on the Internet, Facebook offers its platform to users Without them […]

iRedes, the most “Social” Congress

QDQ Y Trazada Marketing We have attended the iRedes Event that took place in Burgos on March 7 and 8. iRedes for those who do not know, is the III Ibero-American Congress of Social Networks . The congress, full of Social Media professionals, consists of talks, conferences and round tables in which various very interesting […]

The digital world, a mostly female space

The digital world nowadays it is a space in which the most users are women . This transition from a network dominated by men to one in which the female sex is the majority has occurred mainly thanks to the social web. Behaviors on the Internet are nothing more than a reflection of the general […]

Customer service from Twitter

The services of the companies adapt at full speed to social networks and it is not uncommon to see offers and promotions in fanpages or Twitter profiles. The Customer Support It is another of the services that has best adapted to the social media sphere in recent times. Specific the social network Twitter It is […]

Press releases and bloggers

It does not matter the subject of the blog you write, the authors of the most visited blogs they receive dozens of press releases every day . Agencies that forward these types of communications do so in the hope that the blogger read them , take an interest in what is said and publish an […]

Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network

If we name Sina Weibo , the chinese social network , many of you will not have it as located as when talking about general social networks on the Internet. Two names come to mind for most: Facebook and Twitter . Although the two American companies are the ones with the most active accounts worldwide, […]

Covert advertising on Twitter

Unlike the covert advertising on Twitter Advertisements that are broadcast on television, radio or in the traditional press are subject to strict control at both legislative and ethical levels. L Internet advertising lacks specific regulatory mechanisms . The rapid evolution of the different ways in which companies try to reach their target audience and the […]