Google Plus the social network for companies

When a year and a half ago the Mountain View giant announced the launch of the Google Plus social network , so much for companies and users , many thought it could be one of the company’s biggest mistakes. Although with the passage of time it seems that the platform has been taking hold. The number of individual users and the time each of them spends on said social network using any of the features offered has been growing progressively in recent months, even so there are still detractors of this service. However, those responsible for the project seem to be clear about what the key for Google Plus to endure in the time: the companies .

The different functionalities that have been added to this social platform throughout this time seem aimed at facilitating organizations relations of any size both internally and externally with their clients.

The full integration of Google apps (a service used by millions of companies around the world) on Google +, makes it possible to create a network to share content and knowledge only within the company, with certain partners or also with clients in a simple way thanks to the circles and the control that each user can have over the dissemination of each of the communications he makes.

One of the most interesting features for many businesses is the Hangouts o Stay. This service present in Google + gives the possibility of collaboration of teams that work remotely. Through a videoconferencing system that admits up to 15 participants in the cases of company accounts, it makes it possible not only to hold remote meetings but also to hold true joint work sessions with collaborative tools. Hangouts can also be broadcast live on YouTube, a feature that is being used by many companies to carry out online seminars, streaming events and sessions with clients from all over the world.

Finally, the fact that search results clearly show the identity of companies and people within Google+ means that more and more people are betting on integrating this social network into their marketing strategies, becoming more visible both for current and potential customers.

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