Online conversion rate: Are you reaching goals?

Measure the online conversion rate of our business, allows us check if we are really reaching the objectives that we have proposed. But how do you know if our conversion rate is optimal? To do this, we have to take into account multiple factors. The aim is to be as realistic as possible, when trying to determine if we are really getting a positive performance and if we have room for improvement . We are going to talk to you about the online conversion rate and how to improve it taking into account all the variables that can occur in your business.

How to measure the conversion rate online?

The conversion rate, in a reference platform like Google analytics , is measured by dividing the number of conversions between the number of visits to landing pages . Landing pages are those that we create with the intention that the user performs a specific action (registration, subscription, sales, etc.).

Therefore, if out of every 100 visits we get 20 conversions, we will be achieving a conversion rate of 20%. Various studies suggest that a average conversion rate can be between the 2.5% and the 3.5% . But this figure is too generic , since it would be necessary to break down to obtain an analysis much closer to the reality of our business.

Factors influencing online conversion rate

As we told you at the beginning, there are multiple factors to take into account to draw correct conclusions about the online conversion rate. First of all, we mention the type of industry or sector and the level of competition inside your geographic action area . Location is also key, when it comes to understanding the consumption habits . These may vary depending on the focus of your business (local, regional, national, international)

Another variable to take into account refers to the type of product or service offered and the value for money to face the competition. On the other hand, the customer experience is a determining factor in increasing the conversion rate. We talk about the optimization of our platforms Y landing pages , to achieve maximum satisfaction when the user browses the website, corporate blog, etc.

In this sense, we will pay attention to usability, web development and design, adaptability to all devices and the need for deliver a seamless omnichannel experience . The objective is to accompany the user at all times in an efficient way, from the first contact to the landing pages oriented to conversion.

How to improve your conversion rate online

To optimize the user experience, we must offer navigation fluency . At the same time, we will make the user feel comfortable in a visually appealing and intuitive platform . But if we want to increase the online conversion rate, we must also offer safety Y confidence when it comes to getting certain actions.

This is achieved in the first place, adding value to content exposed. I mean, we have to cover the needs of our target audiences offering real solutions . We must launch precise messages, avoiding any type of distraction through irrelevant content. As we already warned you, it is necessary implement an omnichannel experience that avoids cracks in the relationship between the brand and the client. This implies offering the right content, at the right time and on the channels and devices chosen at all times by the user. Taking into account all these factors, we have the tools to improve online conversion rate of our business.

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