It does not matter the subject of the blog you write, the authors of the most visited blogs they receive dozens of press releases every day . Agencies that forward these types of communications do so in the hope that the blogger read them , take an interest in what is said and publish an article dedicated to the company that is mentioned in the note.

How to prevent your Press Release from ending in spam

However, on rare occasions blog authors echo the news they receive through this type of business communications. In most cases, they end up in the recycle bin and even marked as spam to not receive emails from that sender on future occasions.

The main mistake made when making sending press releases to bloggers It is precisely to consider blogs one more means of communication and interact with them as if we were doing it with the economics writing of a newspaper.

The vast majority of people who blog on the Internet they are not professionally dedicated to it, if not that it does it as a secondary activity. In many cases it is nothing more than a way to express your opinions, concerns and experiences publicly. It is not surprising that when they are treated in a completely impersonal way, as if they were broadcasting news machines, they decide to ignore what is sent to them.

In the event that we think that a blogger A certain person may be interested in what we want to disclose about the company and co let’s communicate in a personalized way, and we make him see that it is really something that we believe is useful for him or her, we will have many more opportunities to get him to spend at least a few minutes to know what we show him than if we include his email address in the list of contacts to which to send press releases.


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