iRedes, the most “Social” Congress

QDQ Y Trazada Marketing We have attended the iRedes Event that took place in Burgos on March 7 and 8. iRedes for those who do not know, is the III Ibero-American Congress of Social Networks . The congress, full of Social Media professionals, consists of talks, conferences and round tables in which various very interesting aspects of Social Networks have been debated in depth. The Trazada team attended the event with great motivation: Paco Jimenez (Director of Trazada Marketing), Cecilio Prado (Responsible for Social Media at Trazada Marketing) together with Alvaro Varona , Head of Design at QDQ, who has moderated a round table that took place at the congress.

This morning the talks have been very interesting. First thing in the morning Alvaro Varona has participated as a moderator in the round table “Sport in social networks” by Ignacio Tena , director of content communication and sponsorships of BBVA, Alejandro Ugarrio , responsible for online communication of the Atlético de Madrid Y Javier Muiña Peláez , community manager of Brand . There has been much debate about how to manage the success and crisis in the RRSS, as well as about the presence of athletes in Social Networks. It has been concluded that it is important for them to be present in them: “It is important that athletes are on social networks: they are desirous of it and it brings them closer to the fans.”

One of the most widely disseminated opinions yesterday at the congress was the increase in mobile devices with an Internet connection, this will further boost social networks from a mobile terminal. Where and how users do things. Spoke in depth Sebastian Muriel in his talk “ The future of social communication: the new mobility ”Where you could hear:

“We are obsessed with reinventing ourselves, we cannot stand still,” he explained, since, in just five years, a company created “by some kids” has achieved incredible success. Of the fifteen million users of Tuenti, “the ones that interest us most are the six million who are users of the mobile application.” This change of pattern is what surrounds the different ways of communicating.

Ana Pastor , journalist; Andreu Buenafuente , humorist, and Txaber Allué , video blogger, participated in a dialogue table that turned out to be very interesting. Ana Pastor explained her idea about Social Networks and how Twitter is the new “radio”, because although information flows through the microblogging at a much faster speed, it is only comparable years ago with radio, which was the most immediate medium. Communication. I reflect on how the news of Hugo Chávez’s death received on your Twitter, and how it would have been received years ago:

“Twitter allows you to choose content, comments, articles and the vision of what is happening in different parts of the world.”

Andreu Buenafuente for his part highlighted “user ethics” a new concept of journalistic ethics, because everyone in Social Networks is informants, and for that reason, we must be responsible for what we communicate, and how we do it.

We stay with what you said this morning Txaber Allué in one of the talks: letting ourselves be carried away by serendia. “Serendipity is exposing yourself to beautiful things happening to you.”

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