What is social marketing and why has it come to stay?

What is social marketing

The Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of social marketing in the company . It is necessary to offer an effective response when it comes to overcoming a crisis like the one we have to overcome at a global level today. The pandemic is showing our weaknesses, but it is also allowing us to get the best of ourselves. We have been able to see how ingenuity and creativity have emerged through multiple social actions, marked by a clear and unique cooperative and supportive character. Today more than ever, brands know their weaknesses, which makes it possible to highlight their strengths through actions encompassed in the field of social marketing. The coronavirus has arrived and possibly will go, but surely we are going to experience changes in social and consumer habits , which will come to stay for a long time.

What is social marketing?

To begin with, we have to say that social marketing is not a new concept. It is about continuing in line with the marketing strategies that we have been highlighting for several years. Putting the user at the center of our actions means working on the user experience and on the maximum satisfaction of their relationships with our brand. This implies thinking about your needs, looking for solutions to improve your day-to-day life as much as possible .

Social marketing has always been necessary, in a world exposed daily to countless promotional content lacking value for the consumer. It is time to show our brand values . It is about incorporating ideas and concepts that demonstrate our brand’s commitment to audiences and justify our presence, especially in times of crisis like the one we are experiencing today.

Social marketing during Covid-19

Due to the confinement caused by Covid-19, we have been able to see multiple actions encompassed in social marketing by brands. For example, Vodafone Spain has taken various measures at a private and professional level. The first is to offer children’s television channels for free . The second, helps companies and freelancers by offering unlimited browsing rates , for those whose activity has been forced to telework.

We also find other sectors such as private transport, which offers free transfers for essential workers or companies that make vehicles available to them, to give coverage to all kinds of social work and humanitarian . Finally, we highlight those companies of a different nature, which offer their services to disadvantaged sectors or modify their production to meet the needs caused by Covid-19.

In any of the cases, the need to have digital media to disseminate our social marketing strategies is imposed </ strong>. Online media is our only escape route in times of confinement. It is necessary today more than ever, to have platforms on the Internet to be visible to audiences and to be able to satisfy their needs. As we said at the beginning, social marketing is a necessity before changes in consumer habits, which have come to stay.

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