Social television

Commenting on the plays of the game with friends at the bar or speculating on the possible evolution of the series of the season with co-workers was until relatively recently what could be understood by the social reactions to television . Today, these conversations that occur naturally in reaction to what the viewer sees on the small screen have been transferred to the Internet, creating the social tv . Thanks to platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, anyone who is watching a program on television can comment on it in real time and share their opinions with people who are doing the same at home.

The television consumption habits have changed dramatically in recent years and is that the television is no longer the only screen that the viewer is aware of. Some studies suggest that almost a 70% of the population uses their laptop, tablet or mobile phone while watching their favorite program and mostly they do it to comment with their contacts about everything that happens on television.

The fact that viewers chat on social media in real time what they are watching on television does not go unnoticed by the large networks that are trying to make the most of this new form of leisure consumption. Few television shows do not show a hashtag on the screen to encourage viewers to tweet about the program and there are already several initiatives to make accurate audience measurements through the data that can be obtained from social networks. In fact, in the field of obtaining, measuring and analyzing these data from social television where it seems that it may be one of the assets to monetize media such as Twitter as the company has recently announced the purchase of Bluefin, a company dedicated to recording both the number of comments on a certain program in real time and the general sentiment of the same.

Be for the greater interactivity that can be generated, the feeling of belonging to a large community of people with the same tastes that it provokes in the viewer or the advantages in order to adapt the programming to the interests of the public in shorter terms, what no one can doubt is that social television is here to stay.

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