Covert advertising on Twitter

Unlike the covert advertising on Twitter Advertisements that are broadcast on television, radio or in the traditional press are subject to strict control at both legislative and ethical levels. L Internet advertising lacks specific regulatory mechanisms . The rapid evolution of the different ways in which companies try to reach their target audience and the supranational nature of the network, means that the regulations on what could constitute an infringement are not developed with the necessary speed.

On the Internet you can find dozens of cases of covert advertising both in article submission portals and in blogs where their authors receive remuneration for writing about a certain product and they do not make it clear to their readers that these posts have been sponsored by the company that markets the product in question.

This type of practice can also be observed on social networks. Those with a high number of followers on Twitter They take advantage of their supposed influence by receiving rewards both in cash and with different gifts, for praising the benefits of a brand among their regular tweets. Despite the fact that these types of agreements contradict the terms and conditions of the social network as they are disguised advertisements, a large number of cases are known in which these Covert Promoted Messages have been carried out, which has provoked complaints on several occasions both by users and by advertising regulatory agencies.

Associated Press took a step further in what to Marketing your Twitter timeline is concerned . A weeks ago, he announced that among the usual latest news messages they were going to include some announcing products from Samsung, a company with which they had reached an economic agreement for it. Although Twitter would not receive any compensation for these sponsored tweets, the company’s spokespersons made it clear that it was not violating any of its policies by making it clear to more than 1.5 million followers of the news agency that it was a advertising campaign.

Perhaps the time has come for a regulation to be created in this regard in which the user can know at all times which of the messages he receives have been bought by advertisers and which have not.

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