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The competition that exists between companies in the digital world is increasing, therefore, the outsourcing of digital services to a online marketing consulting It is key to offer effective solutions that allow you to achieve the objectives set.

What is an online marketing consultancy?

In order to gain visibility on the Internet and to be able to keep up with the competition, it is necessary to have a work team capable of implementing truly effective strategies that allow it to position itself strategically and stand out from the rest. This task is not easy and we do not always have the means or the time to put it into practice. So when this happens the most effective is to hire the services of a online marketing consulting .

A digital consultant not only executes the tasks, but is in charge of designing the best strategy based on business objectives and market analysis. Its purpose is to put all existing solutions on the table and provide guidance on which ones are the best for a brand.

Functions of an online marketing consultant


  • Organic positioning (SEO): the positioning in Google It is one of the most demanded services by companies today. The consultant is in charge of positioning the website to give it maximum visibility in the main search engines. Among the most outstanding functions that are performed when offering this service digital consulting , are the content planning, although it is also in charge of other no less important functions such as semantic strategy and web analytics.

  • Payment positioning (SEM): Within this type of online marketing service stand out the design, budget planning and estimates of results in campaigns in Google Ads or in social networks like Facebook Ads .

These are two of the most demanded areas in a online marketing consulting , but the consultant is in charge of many other tasks such as:

  • Identify opportunities and digital platforms.
  • Analyze the digital market.
  • Analyze the digital marketing tools available.
  • Creation of effective marketing strategies and methods that improve ROI.
  • Improve the perception and communication of the brand.
  • Coordinate the content of the different social media platforms.


Stages of a digital marketing consultancy


  1. Analysis and diagnosis: the first thing to do in a online marketing consulting is to carry out an analysis of the current situation of the company and its environment. To do this, a SWOT analysis can be carried out, which allows detecting the strengths and weaknesses of the company internally, as well as identifying opportunities and threats externally. This information is essential to develop marketing strategies according to the established objectives.
  2. Definition of objectives and strategies: Most likely, the goal of any business is to increase sales, but it is not enough on its own. It will be necessary to establish qualitative and quantitative objectives that support and support it.
  3. Action plan: The strategy is launched with defined deadlines, which include the contracted online marketing actions that can be SEO, SEM, Social Media, eMail Marketing, analytics or web maintenance, among others.
  4. Tracing: Finally, a periodic follow-up must be carried out to be able to verify that everything established is being carried out correctly and that it is having the expected results.


Reasons for hiring an external online marketing service


  • Greater objectivity: A consultancy, being an external service, has the ability to provide a new professional point of view. A digital marketing consultant You can see things clearly without being affected by internal problems.
  • Time saving: many times it is impossible to get to everything, and at that point it is necessary to delegate functions. Marketing consulting is responsible for formulating the necessary strategies effectively and efficiently.
  • Guarantee of excellence: the consultant looks for what makes the brand he represents unique in the market and differentiates himself from his competitors. This is what is called the market differential factor and in most cases it is a guarantee of success and positioning.
  • Attract new customers and retain those who already are: A digital consultancy will work not only to add new clients, but also to achieve a high degree of identification with the brand. In addition, you need to strengthen ties with regular customers.

As you have seen, a digital marketing consulting it can help you achieve much more positive results than when you do these actions on your own. In Trazada, online marketing agency We believe in specialization as the best way to achieve results.

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