What is branded content and how it can improve your brand image.

Branded Content - What is it

That content is king is something we’ve been hearing for a long time, but will it still be in 2021? The answer is yes. Content is the most effective way to give a human identity to any brand, to generate leads and, therefore, to increase sales. And now that consumer expectations have changed and it is more difficult to connect emotionally through conventional advertising channels, it has become even more important. Therefore, we tell you what the branded content and how it can help you improve your brand image.

What is branded content?

It is important to realize that branded content is more than just a specific advertising campaign, it is a fundamental instrument for brand building.

According to BCMA Spain, the Spanish Association of Branded Content, this is defined by “any content produced totally or partially by the legal owner of the brand, which promotes the values of the brand and makes its audience choose to engage with it voluntarily thanks to the entertainment capacity , of information and / or of the educational values of said content ”.

Thus, the brand, instead of being related to advertisements, frequently ignored or rejected, begins to be associated with information and entertainment, which have more value for consumers.

Keys to a good branded content strategy

Creating original, quality content capable of capturing the customer’s attention is not an easy task. But we give you a series of keys that can help you achieve a good branded content strategy.

  • Give storytelling the importance it deserves: there is nothing like a good storytelling to grab the audience’s attention. When a story connects, when there is empathy between the viewer and the brand, it remains in the memory forever. There is something in the emotional connection that creates a good story, that allows it to linger in the memory much longer than a single sentence or an image.
  • Offers more experience than products: the goal of any brand is to sell, but to achieve this you always have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about what they need. Nowadays, it is not enough to show you the products and services, but you also have to detail what they provide you. People today buy experiences, more than the material.
  • Bet on proximity: people are in need of a more human and less virtual closeness. So keep this in mind in your strategy, take your content in a more personal way.
    Work on resilience: if there is one word that you cannot lose sight of, it is resilience. You must know how to adapt to changes at all times. It is not about losing your essence, but about refreshing it and adjusting it to the new demands of the client.
  • Invest in social commitment: You must not only commit to customers, but you must also do so with the environment, health, the economy or any social issue that is relevant, and you must do it honestly. Users want to be part of something that makes a positive change in the world.

    Benefits of content marketing

    Today much of the publicity saturates and creates rejection. And the solution to generate a brand communication that adds value is to make people feel attracted to brands. This is what branded content does. We tell you some of its main benefits.

    • Create engagement: Empathy is the distinctive sign of branded content. Creating branded content that grows out of the prospect’s real concerns, interests, and habits completely transforms mainstream communication. These content capable of connecting emotionally with the consumer will help them feel more connected with your brand image.
    • Increase interaction: the varied and quality content will get more interaction with your brand. Interacting with customers is essential so that they are aware that behind a brand there is a team.
      Avoid rejection: content marketing is designed to be relevant, to generate curiosity and interest. And, in any case, do not generate animosity. It does not speak from the ‘I’, of the brand, but from the ‘you’ of the user, of their motivations, interests and desires.
    • Build brand followers: little by little the user understands that the brand makes life a little easier and better. This allows to generate a greater bond with the brand, which will end up causing them to prefer it over similar alternatives.


    3 examples of the branded power of content


    1. Tarradellas House: The brand has managed to create exciting stories for all of its ads, which anyone can empathize with. Your strategy for success is simply to be real. Show aspects of the life of any family around a table and sharing a pizza. They also have a far-reaching multi-channel experience. Their traditional, digital and point of sale media are in perfect harmony.
    2. Dove: Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Portraits’ campaign was voted best by the AdAge jury. Through various surveys and studies on female self-esteem, the brand decided to counteract the negative media effects that stereotypes of women create in today’s society. Thus, she conducted a series of social experiments to leave positive messages that encourage female audiences to reconsider the way they see themselves. This allowed him to convey an idea without showing the product, just saying that all women are beautiful.
    3. Dam Star: With the slogan ‘Mediterráneamente’, the brand has created a branded content campaign that is over 10 years old. The story always takes place in a really nice atmosphere, with places where you want to be with good company and, why not, with a good drink. There are so many elements that catch you that you hardly realize that, at the same time, they show you the Estrella Damm concept, which is to enjoy the good moments in life.

    Now that you know what branded content is, it’s time to start creating stories around your brand. At Trazada we have a team of professionals who will help you in the content marketing in order to transmit the best image to your consumers. What digital marketing agency , we make your business grow on the Internet. Contact us if you want to capture the customer’s attention through the content.

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