Should I bid on my brand in Adwords?

All of us who are dedicated to managing third-party accounts have been faced with a client’s question:

Why should I bid on my brand?

Or the variant that goes from interrogation to absoluteness:

– I do not want to bid on my brand, I will be the first if they look for me (SEO) .

The logical thing is that the answer is a resounding:

-Yes. It is important to bid for your own brand . Even if you are the first, second, third and fourth in organic. In fact, the better positioned you are naturally and the more positions you occupy on the organic grid, the more important it is to bid on your brand..

It can all be summed up as: Cost vs. Benefit.

How does bidding for my brand benefit me?

The benefits of the bid follow two lines: A purely commercial ( Branding ) and another purely technical ( Optimization ).

The satisfaction of both translates into greater brand enhancement and improved results – and now the part that the customer likes the most – without the need for an extra investment effort.

Commercial advantages:

  • Increased visibility : Google reserves a fixed and preferential space for Adwords. On many occasions this space (the first 3 positions) are shown above the natural results (SEO). The more spaces we occupy in the results grid, the less space our competition will have to do it – using our name -.
  • Competence : Registering our brand with Google is a first step, but it only prevents our competition from using our brand in the text of the ads. Nothing restricts them from using it as a keyword and showing their campaigns with it. What is the use of your SEO occupying the first (or all) natural results if an Adwords ad appears above them with a better offer than ours? What if instead of a competitor there are 10 competitors with offers better or equal to what we offer? By bidding on our brand, we reduce the space they can use against us. We can be much more attractive than the competition by using personalized messages . The lower the visibility of our competition, the more chances we have of not losing a potential client.
  • Personalized messages : Users who search for our brand already know us, so we can use Adwords ads to send personalized messages, offer promotions, present offers, etc., that reinforce the presence of SEO.
  • Location links: If our business has a physical location, it is highly recommended to always indicate it, mainly for two reasons: That our potential clients know where to find us and, secondly, because when conducting the search our business will appear on Google Maps on the right margin, moving the Ads from our competition a couple of posts down.
  • Links to websites: Adwords ads can show up to 6 links to the web. If we know our business we will know which are the star products and by which our users know us. Thanks to these links we can take our potential customer to the product they are looking for. Another advantage of this type of extension is that by presenting the 6 links (3 lines of text + the ad text itself) it moves all the natural results down.
  • Click to Call : If our strategy includes a campaign for mobile devices with full internet browsers, we can enable the Click to Call . This means that the Adwords ad includes our company’s phone number. With a single click, the user contacts us, and only by bidding on our brand.
  • Misspelling : It is very important that we take this phenomenon into account when designing our brand campaign. Especially since many advertisers don’t envision users not knowing their name or spelling, so bidding on your ‘modified’ brand is not such a bad idea. Many of my clients carry out campaigns on TV, press and radio in addition to the Internet. Users are left with the message, product or offer, but not always with the name of the advertiser, so when searching for it on the Internet:

– It sounded like … – I think it’s with “v” … – Look if everything is written together …


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