Native advertising and paid content that add value

Publicidad nativa

In a world where user experience is a priority for brands , native advertising is one of the safe bets to create paid content that adds value. Given its effectiveness in capturing the attention of the Internet user, it is not surprising that it is constantly growing. More and more brands are betting on native advertising to attract new customers . This type of paid content brings us much closer to the consumer and their desire to access information adapted to your real needs .

Understanding what native advertising is

To understand what native advertising is and its effectiveness in improving the performance of brands, we must take into account two fundamental aspects. First, native advertising takes care of offer content with formats adapted to the media where they will be visible. This means that it uses adequate and functional, depending on the navigation platforms and devices .

Therefore, native advertising shows much less intrusive content for the Internet user, thus avoiding the use of advertising blockers so widely used in recent times. But its effectiveness also depends on a second factor. We talk about the content quality wave correct exposure of relevant information for our target audiences. If we combine both factors, it is easy to predict better performance compared to other types of advertising, which brings us closer to the user in a more effective way to achieve the desired conversion.

Keys to native advertising

If we talk about the keys for native advertising to be effective, without any doubt we must put forward offer a truly satisfying user experience . We can include informative content, entertainment, advertising and also that which adds value to our brand. In any case, for the content to be of value it has to solve user needs .

Therefore, it is very important analyze the behavior of our target audiences , those who are more likely to become potential customers. In addition to figuring out your needs in the real world, we must be aware of the common media and platforms where they consume content . native advertising supports many formats, such as video and the increasingly popular podcasts.

Another key to native advertising is the ability to automate content. We talk about the programmatic advertising , a solution that allows us optimize content as much as possible to show relevant information at all times, with the minimum budget investment. If we add all the factors mentioned above, native advertising is an effective tool to start the path towards medium and long-term customer acquisition .

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