How to determine the SEO budget for your website

SEO Budget- Monthly SEO Price

SEO budget: Monthly prices and options.

There are many offers with different budgets to perform SEO and SEM positioning on any website, and it is often difficult to understand where the difference is, and the reason for this price disparity.
What kinds of concepts should a SEO budget ? Well, among others:

  • Study of keywords, to establish the semantic strategy.
  • Technical audit and optimization of the platform (site speed, tracking problems, XML sitemap, etc.)
  • Content optimization and web architecture.
  • Internal and external link structure audit and optimization.
  • Monitoring, technical support and monthly reporting.

To determine the budget for your SEO campaigns You should know that this will depend on multiple factors, including the business model, objectives, competition in the sector, etc. We want to guide you so that it is easier for you to develop your project. Therefore, in this article we are going to give you some ideas so that you can invest appropriately in your campaigns and your SEO strategies lead you to business success.

First steps to determine the SEO budget

Regardless of when we have created our website for our business, to determine the budget that we must allocate to our SEO strategies of positioning in Google we have to know very well which one we start from (convenient to carry out an audit), analyze the competition to know their position and their strategies, as well as to extract the necessary data to determine what are the possibilities of our market . With these first steps we will set real objectives, which will help us to establish budgets adjusted to reality.


Website audit

When conducting an audit of our website, we will take into account factors such as positioning we currently have , elements of architecture and web design, content optimization or possible penalties it may have.

It is important to establish what kind of improvements are necessary so that our website is 100% optimized. For example, you would have to work on optimize code elements such as images, internal and external links, mobile device compatibility , etc., with the aim of improving site performance and customer experience.

The content is decisive When it comes to improving site optimization, and based on the amount of new content to create or optimize the budget will be affected. Keyword abuse can lead to a over-optimization , the incorrect use of the links is also a factor to take into account in the face of search engines like Google , since you can conclude that we use techniques “ Black Hat SEO ”And penalize us for it.


Competitor and market analysis

Another factor that directly affects the SEO budget is the competition study and analysis . This leads us to better understand the market in which we operate and to determine with greater accuracy the budget that we must allocate to our future campaigns.

About the competition we can analyze from your current positioning to the resources used to achieve your objectives. This includes a study of keywords, content, promotional strategies, publications on social networks and in general, everything that determines its position in front of us within the sector.

With these tips we establish a starting point for know how to determine our budget for SEO campaigns . From here, the more we delve into each of these aspects, the greater possibilities we will have of assigning an adequate and reliable budget, with respect to the interests of our business.

SEO budget types and prices:

The SEO budget can vary significantly between one professional or another, based on their way of pricing or marketing their service, but also, and this is important, based on the hours of monthly dedication to the project . Currently, the two most common ways to price an SEO service are:


1.- SEO budget by number of keywords:

The monthly price of the SEO service in this case, will be calculated based on a certain number of keywords selected as the most interesting for the project, taking into account the monthly searches of the users and the SEO competition for those words. And the prices that you can find will be, approximately:

SEO Budget for 10-15 Keywords–> from € 200

SEO Budget for 15-24 Keywords–> from € 350


2.- SEO budget for full site audit and optimization:

The SEO budget in this mode is not set by a specific number of Keywords to work with, but the monthly cost in hours, tools, etc. is taken as a reference. necessary to achieve traffic and visibility objectives in search engines. Just the monthly cost of tools like MOZ or SemRush , or the use of external platforms to publish content and links can greatly vary the monthly budget. The price may vary a lot depending on factors such as the size of the website (number of urls), SEO competition, the current optimization situation, etc. So it is necessary to carry out a pre-audit of the site to determine the monthly SEO budget.

SEO budget for audit, monthly consulting and total site optimization: -> From € 750 to € 2,000


It may also be a good idea to ask us for a SEO budget without commitment . At Trazada we have a lot of experience and success stories to show you;)

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