Differences between Google+ Sign in and Google account registration

Last week, those responsible for Google+ announced one of the functionalities that can have the greatest impact on the growth and adoption of the platform among users: Google+ Sign in . Although it has long been possible for users to log into third-party applications with their Google account credentials, this new system features a much more social aspect .

The registration button with Google+ is an experience much more similar to Facebook Connect , functionality that is widely used by developers in all types of applications on the web. The main differences of Google+ Sign in and the old registration process with the Google account are focused on facilitating the transfer of data between third-party applications and the profile that users already have on Google+ while integrating mobile services with the desktop:

  1. With the new system, developers have access to more complete user profile information and their social graph. In this way, the user is prevented from filling in forms when registering and interaction with their contacts who are already using this application is facilitated.
  2. If the user registers on a website or application using Google+ Sing in, they may allow certain posts or activities are shared directly on this platform with the contacts you want something that could not be done with the previous Google account registration.
  3. Allows developers to direct users to concrete actions within your application : play a video, listen to a song, make a purchase, …
  4. If you have a web service and a mobile application, when you register from the browser with Google+ Sign in, the system will indicate to the user the existence of the app and it can be installed on your Android mobile with a single click without leaving the registration process.

With these changes, it seems logical that all the websites and applications that offered the possibility of registering with the Google account gradually adopt the new system and Google is closer to getting its social platform off the ground.

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