Words Big data form one of those terms that are present in all publications that deal with new trends in the business world, but Do companies know how to take advantage of it? . They ensure that the processing of large amounts of information it is the key to the future of business development for large companies. Although at present this topic arouses great interest among executives of large companies, there are really few who are managing Big data itself and taking advantage of its possibilities to increase its profits.

In the first place, not many companies throughout the world collect so much information that those companies data sets exceed the capabilities of common software to be processed in short periods of time (true definition of Big Data) even though the number of entries in a database may seem huge on a human scale.

On the other hand, most of the companies that do generate a quantity of data in their activity appreciable as for be considered Big Data they are just storing that information on their servers and not using it to make business decisions or stimulate sales among their customers. On many occasions, the fact that everything that is stored is not processed responds only to a matter of lack of technical resources for it.

Still in some cases they are showing the utility of processing large amounts of data to achieve the objectives set by a corporation. As an example we have the case of how those responsible for the last presidential campaign of Barack Obama crossed data from telephone surveys, information collected on the web and even publications of citizens on social networks to get the highest number of votes possible and do so the US president would repeat his term for another four years.


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