5 visual elements to improve your landing pages


The landing page or landing page of your ecommerce website is your customer’s first port of entry when they are interested in your product or service. A strong landing page combines the power of text and visuals to entice users to continue on the buyer’s journey. Eventually, it might even help you gain a loyal customer base and further increase your site traffic.

Your landing page should include the most important information first. That way, you can convince your visitors to keep exploring your site and make a purchase. However, while it’s tempting to include as much text as possible on your landing page, people just don’t have time to read long paragraphs.

Instead of loading your pages with blocks of text, use images to tell most of your story. Images are easy to absorb at a glance, which is how long most ecommerce sites take to engage their busy audiences.

If you use heat map analysis on your website, you will probably notice that the areas your visitors focus on tend to have more images. Therefore, using the correct graphics on your landing page becomes extremely important.

Here are five main visual elements that you should incorporate into your landing page to drive e-commerce traffic.


Digital trends have consistently reiterated the importance of a strong color palette when creating visual content. Colors influence buyers and can create distinctions between sections on your page.

Using color correctly allows you to draw visitors’ attention to the desired destination, similar to directional signage. Colors can also be used to highlight important information on a page or to emphasize an image.

The sole purpose of your ecommerce site is to convert potential customers into buyers and using colors in your landing page images will help you increase traffic to your ecommerce pages.

Lean with real people

How do you convince people to believe in your company more than your competitors? By showing them that you are serving real people, not an arbitrary concept of what a customer is.

People want to see other people because it makes the company feel more enjoyable. The best way to do this is by including images of people on your landing pages. Images of people are most effective in encouraging visitors to continue their customer journey on your ecommerce site.

People remember faces better than other images they come across. In addition, images of people give your customer a face to identify with. A well-chosen image of a person can have a similar effect of watching a salesperson help a customer in a store rather than a customer moving around the store on their own.

Images of people using your product will be even more effective than images of people simply looking at the customer, no matter how attractive that model is.

There are a number of great WordPress plugins to help you create landing pages, but you still need to provide the images to use. Therefore, select images of people that align with your brand to give customers more incentives to stay on the site and increase e-commerce traffic.

Visualize data

Offering the data visualization on your landing page in a digestible way can help you to receive the information efficiently. This is particularly true for brands that have complex data to share, but it is a tool that can be used by a variety of companies.

One useful way to present data is by using a mind map or one timeline that graphically allow you to visualize information making it easier to digest.


Along the same lines as data visualizations, infographics are another great way to attract your landing page visitors. These are short, sharp images that combine data, text, and images to provide the reader with a wealth of information in an accessible way.

The best of infographics it’s how easy they are to absorb. And these are no longer difficult to do: marketers can create a well-done image using templates to keep visitors on your ecommerce site.

With just a few clicks you can create an impressive infographic that causes it to be shared.


Video marketing has become very popular in recent years in the B2B and B2C sectors. In fact, videos are the favorite tool of B2B marketers and the trend continues for B2C marketers as well.

There are several types of videos that e-commerce sites can adopt to retain visitors: how-to guides, product usage videos, and customer testimonials.

This format takes advantage of interactivity and movement to improve the user experience, which generates more traffic to your e-commerce website and increases time on site.

Visuals have the ability to engage audiences in a way that text simply cannot. With the right images, you can create a landing page that will turn visitors into loyal customers.

There are so many digital marketing tools to which designers and marketers now have access that will greatly facilitate the process of creating attractive images. The smart use of videos, the use of infographics and data visualization, the use of images of real people and the careful selection of colors can all contribute to making a significant impact on your website. If you haven’t been using visuals yet, now is the time to do so and watch your ecommerce traffic flourish.

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