5 digital marketing strategies for the success of your brand on the internet

Digital Marketing Strategies 2021

That the presence on the Internet is an essential requirement in today’s business world is already known to all. Thus, companies no longer apply large budgets to offline campaigns or classic marketing campaigns but instead focus their efforts on using the digital campaigns to attract customers and expand the brand. Since Traced we tell you what the digital marketing strategies which you should focus on if you want your business to succeed.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Before we focus on the strategies to consider, let’s see what a digital marketing strategy is. We can define it as planning the actions, activities and tactics to be executed in digital media. Its purpose is to achieve previously defined marketing, business and sales objectives.

Currently an adult user spends around 6 hours a day with digital media, be it computers, telephones or other connected devices. And this is a real opportunity for companies to proactively position their brand with constantly connected customers. This is where the importance of digital marketing strategy comes into play.


5 essential online marketing strategies


    1. Content Marketing: Also known as content marketing, it is not limited to placing advertising messages like traditional marketing strategies, but focuses on providing relevant and quality content. It consists of making content that is attractive to the target audience, that attracts and retains potential customers. Thus, the content that is presented to the audience must inform, advise, entertain and / or establish an emotional bond. TObarca all kinds of content and its commercialization, as well as its propagation in different online channels, such as social media platforms or blogs. If your business model is B2B or the decision-making process to buy your product is medium-term, investing in a content marketing strategy is an essential option.
    2. Social media marketing: the social media they have become the best environment for interaction between people and brands. That is why this is one of the digital marketing strategies that no company should not be without. Here the goal, beyond selling, is to create a community of followers who become loyal to your brand and share your content. The benefits of using social platforms as part of your digital marketing strategy They are numerous, but above all we would highlight:
      • They are an excellent two-way communication platform where you can improve engagement with your clients and potential clients.
      • They are a good tool to improve your brand reputation and brand awareness in general.
  1. SEO positioning: organic positioning or search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy whose objective is to get a web page to appear in the first search results. When users search Google for products or services like the ones you offer, your website will appear in the first places. More than 100 billion searches are made on Google every day, so being positioned means being seen by countless potential customers.
  2. Email marketing: This technique is based on sending mass emails to a list of contacts. Although not long ago it was seen as an intrusive strategy, since mass emails were not relevant to whoever received them, thanks to the evolution of email management tools (you can see a good list of options here ) and segmentation is one of the most direct communication channels. It can help build customer loyalty and keep them informed as well as generating new business opportunities.
  3. Video marketing: consists of using audiovisual content to enhance a brand or promote a product or service. It is one of the most used strategies today. However, its objective is not only that, it is also to convey a message. It allows you to add value, humanize your company, awaken emotions and create a bond with the consumer. It is gaining more and more prominence because video has transformed the way people consume content.


Other trends in digital marketing

The ones we have seen so far are some of the most common digital marketing strategies, but there are others that are becoming increasingly powerful and that must also be taken into account.

  • Affiliate Marketing: technique used in online marketing based on achieving results and obtaining benefits based on them. The advertiser and the affiliate agree in advance what the objectives will be and the affiliate will receive a commission for each sale, subscription, registration, leads or clicks. In this way both parties will benefit, since the advertiser will improve their sales and conversions and the affiliate will receive a financial remuneration for their help.
  • Promotional Marketing: refers to various actions and steps that drive interest, purchase decisions and loyalty, both from current customers and from those attracted by the promotion. Achieve your goals through discounts, offers, gifts, coupons, loyalty programs or sweepstakes, among others.
  • Influencer Marketing: the digital revolution, blogs and social networks brought many new faces, unknown people who began to win the sympathy of their users to the point of having a great impact. As a consequence, influencer marketing arises, an exchange between users with influence on digital media and a brand. In this exchange, it is agreed that the influencer will broadcast a product, service or brand in exchange for remuneration.
  • Growth Hacking Strategy: Although it has been established in the United States for some time, in Spain it is much more innovative. Growth Hacking is a different way of looking at and looking for a way to grow a company quickly with the least possible expense. This concept has been quite relevant in the world of startups in recent years, since by not having high budgets for their digital marketing actions, these companies had to look for these ‘hacks’ to grow their business in the most effective way and above all cheap.
  • Experiential Marketing: a way of selling through emotions. Here the product is indirectly in the background, what counts is what it makes you feel. It consists of creating experiences to reach the customer in a creative and unforgettable way while creating emotional bonds between consumers and brands.


Now you know what are the online marketing strategies that you should bet on if you want to grow your company. In Trazada, digital marketing agency, we help you achieve it. We take care of creating and implementing solutions that improve the experience of your potential clients and improve the results of your digital project.

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