A infographic It is a means by which a set of data is represented visually with the intention of making it easier to understand. In the last year, we have seen how on the Internet you can find this type of graphic representation almost on any subject since the infographics are the type of content that get the most diffusion within social media.

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We prefer infographics

The rationale that graphical representations of data have internet success is that it is a quick way to access a wealth of information . Instead of reading long reports on a specific topic, an infographic can summarize the essentials about it and have a global vision on the subject without having to spend a lot of time. This saving of time and simple access to data at a time when we all experience a saturation of information of all kinds, are the keys to our preference for infographics over other forms of information presentation.

New web development technologies, with HTML5 as a banner, also contribute to the popularization of infographics. The ability to create interactive data representations more easily and work well on different devices and operating systems encourages many to take these graphical reports a step further, creating authentic works of art of online communication .

The success of infographics on the Internet within any sector of activity is such that there are several platforms on the Internet such as Visual.ly dedicated to the creation, compilation and dissemination of this type of format. In them you can find data both on the climate of a certain part of the world and on what is the effect of music on our brain or a compilation of English grammar. Any topic is valid if it is represented correctly and serves to communicate effectively.




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