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What factors make some companies succeed and others stay halfway, despite offering customers the same products? Undoubtedly, there are many aspects that can influence the success of a business, and corporate image is one of them. Thanks to it, the company is able to transmit the personality and values that define it and make the customer feel identified. But,What is the corporate image and what is it for? We tell you how it can help you make your brand stand out from the competition.

What is the corporate image?

Basically, the corporate image has to show what we are, what we do and how we do it. Therefore, it is one of the most important aspects that a company has to take care of.

According to him BusinessDictionary , the corporate image or brand image of a company refers to the image that is generated in the mind of a user when he hears or sees something about it. Therefore, it refers to the perception of consumers with respect to a product, service and / or company.

It can be said that the corporate image is the face that you want to show to the public or how a company wants to be recognized. As we know, it is increasingly difficult to compete in the market and it is necessary to use tools that allow us to empathize with the public to get them to finally choose us. The corporate image is one of them.

What factors influence the corporate image?

There are many factors, tangible and intangible, that make up a certain brand image. These are some of the most important:

  1. Company name: It is the first impression that customers receive from a company. It is recommended that it be related to commercial activity and that it be attractive enough to generate interest. Also keep it short and easy to remember.
  2. Logo: It must convey the business idea and consider both the target of the company and its competitors. It has to be understandable by the public and attractive to potential clients. In addition, at the image level it must attract attention and take care of the design.
  3. Slogan: it has to be iInnovative, creative and, at the same time, talk about the benefits of the product. It is the summary of your slogan, what defines your brand, so it must be meaningful and loaded with ingenuity.
  4. Typography and colors: Although they may seem less important, the typeface and colors also serve to communicate. Each choice has a meaning that must identify and match the brand.
  5. Web: In addition to being a fundamental tool for marketing efforts in the digital age, the page must respond to the same principles as the logo, the slogan, the chosen color range or the language. Otherwise, it would not make sense to build the corporate image that we seek.
  6. Values: the corporate image are not only tangible aspects, but they are also the values that identify it. How much more s and the customers identify with the values of the brand, the greater the benefit of the company in terms of communication and image.
  7. History and reputation: l he reputation of companies for all the mistakes or positive acts carried out during their history will significantly influence a good or bad brand image.


How to create a good brand image

As we have already seen, the corporate image It helps customers to more effectively identify your brand and differentiate it from the rest of the companies in the sector, but how do we achieve this?

  • Get inspired by the goals and values of your brand: the first thing is to stop and think. It is necessary that there is agreement between what the business is, its values and its objectives and what differentiates it from the competition. All this should be reflected as best as possible in the corporate image.
  • Create a good design: It is important to make a design consistent with the objectives and values of the brand, but that is both attractive and captures the public’s attention.
  • Give more importance to actions than to words: one of the most significant and influential parts of the corporate image is the actions. It is important to follow good ethical standards and take care to carry out acts with which clients feel identified.
  • Take care of communication: Communication is much more important than you might think and it is often one of the most neglected parts of business. You have to think about what audience we are addressing and what is the message we want to launch.


Importance of the corporate image for the company

The perception that customers have of our business is very important to be successful in a company. And the brand image is essential in this regard. But what are its benefits and what is it for?

  1. Build affinity with the brand: corporate image has an effect on people, who can identify with what it represents. It generates an affinity between the public and the company that goes beyond what you sell.
  2. Stand out from the competition : a good corporate image will make your client trust you and feel identified with you, making it easier for them to become your client and choose you from the competition.
  3. Increase loyalty: Having loyal consumers is the goal of any company, as this also means more sales. A good brand image allows you to have admirers, who will not only speak well of you to others, but will also become loyal customers.
  4. Facilitate the sales process: the seller will not have to convince the customer of your benefits, since he already knows and trusts them. You will increase the conversion of sales and your profits.
  5. Give value to your brand: When a company has a good corporate image, it means that the consumer is giving value to its products or services. If the client trusts you and links your brand to values such as quality, professionalism and competence, they will also be willing to pay more for what you offer.
  6. Greater confidence by employees: Workers will be able to trust more in a company that is consistent with the values it represents. And that confidence will translate into better job performance on your part.


Now you know what the corporate image and how important it is to create a positive perception of your company in the public. At Trazada we design a digital marketing plan , adapted from the first moment to your objectives and the idea you want to convey, thus guaranteeing the best results. Do you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and connect with your potential customers? Contact us .

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