One of the trends that began to grow in 2012 and that everyone is also talking about at the beginning of the new year is the Agile Marketing . This current aims to get the strategies company marketing respond more quickly to changes , both in the way consumers act and in the general market situation. Faced with a more traditional line of action in which all marketing actions had to be executed after a period of deep reflection and planning, Agile Marketing aims to be a process in continuous evolution.

The Agile Marketing objectives They are improves the response capacity of the team in the face of changes, improving transparency and adaptability to the different situations that may arise.

The methods followed by those who apply this philosophy to the development of their business are fundamentally based on the consumer experience . By studying the data that is collected from various sources on the response of users to the different actions carried out, it is possible to detect where there is failure when transmitting the message and discover new business opportunities.

With the information collected, you can act quickly and modify the strategy to get the maximum benefit from the marketing actions based on what consumers are really demanding. Thus, it is possible to carry out a multitude of small experiments to finally apply only what works in most cases, transforming the old and rigid marketing plans into a continuous feedback system .

In the current scenario, where customers can clearly convey what they expect from a product, this new philosophy is necessary so that companies are not left behind and can serve consumers as they expect.



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