Those responsible for the microblogging company continue to bet on a business model in which users do not have to pay for the use of Twitter and that is the advertising that finances the entire platform . On their way to make the service profitable, there are several products that advertisers have at their disposal in order to reach users, but so far all campaign management was quite simple and required a manual control of it.

In order that advertisers can get a higher return on your investment in campaigns on this social network, a few weeks ago it started “Twitter adds API” . In a trial period, this application programming interface will allow third parties to develop software to manage Twitter ad campaigns more efficiently.

The main advantages of using third-party apps to manage ads on Twitter are based on being able to more precisely segment published messages for a specific type of audience and that this can be done automatically and not manually as before.

In a first phase, the service has been launched with five partners chosen by Twitter: Adobe, Hootsuite, Salesforce, SHIF, and TBG Digital They have already started offering the possibility to test this new service to some of their customers and thus refine the product before it is opened to the general public. From Twitter they announce that those interested in having access to this interface for the development of advertising applications can complete the request to participate in the program.

With this new API designed exclusively for advertisers, Twitter hopes to significantly increase its ad revenue just as Facebook did when it launched a similar product in 2011.


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