The success of the Internet is the improvement in the delivery of products

According to different studies, this Christmas in Spain 45% of the gifts have been or will be bought through e-commerce . This figure is not higher due in part to the timing of product delivery and objects that we buy on the web. In some cases, from the time the purchase is made until the customer receives what they have paid for at home, several weeks pass. Large Internet companies are aware that this is a brake when many decide to buy online and they are taking the first steps to change the situation.

A company that knows how to make the most of its online store is Amazon . They have noticed that many of their customers are not at the address indicated in their order during business hours and the couriers have to come several times to be able to make the delivery of the purchase. Therefore, a few months ago they started a program in which customers can decide that Purchased items are delivered to lockers enabled for this purpose safely. The operation is similar to that of a PO box found in different locations in the United States including some Staples and RadioShack stores.

Another bet of the company to improve shipments are express deliveries . As a test, in some cities customers can receive their purchase within a few hours. This same-day delivery eliminates the waiting period for e-commerce, making it possible for even purchases of immediate need to be made on the web.

Along the same lines of reducing delivery times, other companies such as eBay, Walmart or Google they have similar programs. In addition, the Mountain View company has recently bought BufferBox to be able to compete with Amazon’s box office service.

It is clear that improving the shopping experience for users by providing faster delivery of products is a priority for large Internet companies and that in the not too distant future it will not be necessary to plan purchases as far in advance as now.

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