The disappearance of anonymity on the Internet It is the future in this medium of communication. In fact, last week many Android users were surprised when when accessing the application store a notification from Google announced that from that moment the opinions published on any of the apps would be linked to their profile on the social network Google+.

However, not only the Mountain View giant is making certain decisions that could end the anonymity of users on the Internet . More and more websites are trying to make them users verify their identity when making publications ahead of the intentions of the governments of different countries that intend to develop legislation so that criminals cannot take advantage of anonymity on the Internet.

For decades the fact of being able hide real identity of users on the Internet has allowed many to express certain opinions on websites without fear of “what they will say” or need to feel ashamed to consult other users of forums or other 2.0 sites to resolve their doubts.

Obviously the anonymity It has also given wings to all those who felt free to be able to insult, attack and accuse without evidence in the comments of digital publications, blogs and other online media because no one was going to point the finger at them as the perpetrators of those events even if their behavior was reprehensible .

Perhaps the natural evolution of web 2.0 is towards a network in which you can know for sure the identity of your interlocutors to know if it is worth entering into discussion with them on certain topics. Could we in this way enjoy an Internet that is more respectful of the opinions of others or, on the contrary, will the opportunity to listen to voices with much to contribute but not do so for fear of the opinions of others be lost?


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