Google has always been characterized by having most of its products available to users for free, which makes successful even the products that the company considers that they do not have an adequate performance, and are used by millions of people around the world. world. When it was announced last week that Google Reader will not be available from July 1 , a large part of the users of this service protested publicly on the Internet.

Although the number of Internet users who regularly use the Google feed reader would like many Internet companies, these numbers are not enough for the Mountain View company to make the product profitable. This has caused the company to choose to dedicate resources to other, more future-oriented alternatives.

While there are many who suggest that a functionality related to RSS feeds within Google+ will be announced shortly, users have already looked for alternatives outside of Google products . Services like Feedly Y The Old Reader They have seen the number of registrations on their platforms grow dramatically in recent days and there are already several companies that have admitted to being working on services that serve as an alternative to Google’s RSS reader.

Publishers and content generators were also surprised by Google Reader’s closure announcement . In some cases, the number of readers subscribed to their feeds thanks to this product exceeds the number of direct visits to the sites and there is concern that the disappearance of Reader will cause them to lose audience. For this reason, many of them look for alternative ways to retain readers without abandoning RSS completely. Encouraging your visitors to subscribe to updates via email or encouraging them to become followers on social media are the most popular options among webmasters.


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