Multilocal strategies: Keys to success within your sector

Multilocal strategies

The multilocal strategies , have proven their efficiency in strengthening ties between brand and consumer. Large multinationals, franchises and SMEs with several points of sale in different locations , are the great beneficiaries of the implementation of these strategies. It is not by chance that these business models are expanding and have experienced a continuous growth in the last 15 years . If you find yourself in the situation where your business needs to expand to meet the needs of consumers in different locations , the incorporation of multilocal strategies is vital to be able to succeed within your sector . In this article we are going to give you the keys.

Keys to success with multilocal strategies

Creating a multi-location strategy, to take the step towards expanding our business in more than one geographic location, requires an important change of focus in our digital marketing actions . The companies that have succeeded with this business model have been able to find the keys to create a benchmark brand within their sector at a global level.


To be successful with our multi-location business, you need adapt to the peculiarities of each geographical location where we have a presence. This implies covering multiple factors such as consumer consumption habits in each location, cultural and socioeconomic aspects, age, language and sex of our target audiences and even other aspects that may be relevant such as the climate according to the sector and type of business. .

We are forced to delve into these peculiarities , especially if our expansion exceeds the limits of the local sphere and we enter other geographical areas at a national or international level. In this sense, we will also take geopolitical issues into account and assume that our brand must adapt to the particular circumstances of each of our locations.

Target audiences

Creating multilocal strategies requires a greater effort to grab the attention of our target audiences . We must adapt our products and services, as well as the content that we are going to expose to reach our future potential customers. Thus, the digital marketing of our business needs to transform , diversifying and segmenting our strategies to effectively reach the different audiences related to our brand .

Global brand image

Although the expansion of our business requires multilocal strategies, we must preserve our brand image at all times . This is achieved by aligning the work teams of our different points of sale. Coordination is key in this sense, so we will make use of the suitable technological tools that allow us to succeed in different locations and at the same time, create a global benchmark brand .

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