How to use the new Pinterest statistics

The social platform that has experienced the most growth in recent months is little by little adding more and more functionalities so that brands can take advantage of the activity that occurs on Pinterest. Thus, recently the managers of the company announced the new statistics service to obtain data on the impact of this social network on business traffic.

In order to have access to the Pinterest analytics You must have a user account with a company profile and that it is verified. Getting the verification is as simple as uploading a small html file to the web server to verify or including a line of code in the header of the site. These files can be obtained directly from the Pinterest site .

In addition to having the verified profile To have access to the statistics, the new design that has begun to be deployed throughout the world in recent days must be activated. Just by accepting the automatic notice provided by the web when logging in, we will have activated the New appearance . The data of the analytics will be found under the menu that appears when we click on the username in the upper right part of the screen.

The statistics that Pinterest provides us are divided into four sections: Site Metrics, Most recent, Most repinned and Most Clicked.

Under Site Metrics We will find the most useful data set as it does not give an insight into how the images we add to our boards on Pinterest are shared and how this does or does not lead to traffic to our website. The information is classified into:

– Pins: Number of images that have been pinned belonging to your website

– Pinners: number of users who have pinned an image on your website

– Repins: number of repins of the content of your site

– Repinners: number of users who have repainted an image on your website

– Impressions: number of times that the pins of your site have appeared in the home of the users or in the searches

– Reach: Reach in number of people who have seen your user’s pins

– Clicks: number of clicks to your website from Pinterest

– Visitors: number of people to your website from Pinterest

On Most recent We will be able to find the pins that we have published most recently and we will know which ones are the most liked by the users of the platform by clicking on the tab Most repinned . Finally, in Most clicked We will have a vision of which images have brought more traffic to our website.

With all this information, we will be able to know what type of content is the most attractive to both our followers on Pinterest and the users of this platform in general. In this way we will have a fantastic tool to decide which strategy to follow in our account to achieve our objectives.

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