How to advertise for the new normal

How to advertise for the new normal

If you wonder how to advertise in times of Covid-19 , you should know that there is a new reality that we must face . In a nutshell, consumption habits have been transformed due to the presence of the coronavirus, an external agent that no one wants to have to face. Commercial brands have a significant challenge ahead, demanding a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the trends that will prevail in the near future. We are going to talk to you about how to advertise, to relaunch your business and successfully tackle the new normal .

Main concerns about covid-19

Fundamentally, we find ourselves two big concerns that largely determine behavior and consumer habits. First of all, the fear of contracting an unknown virus and the consequences that it can have before the different forms of manifesting itself in each individual. Second, the great economic impact you are having due to the stoppage of activity due to confinement.

How to advertise for the new normal

Taking into account the factors that we have mentioned, it is necessary give a twist to our campaigns and focus on what really matters today. How to overcome fear? How to reactivate activity in times of economic recession?

Committed brand

The first of the keys that we are going to give you, to answer how to advertise, is that you show in your ads a compromised brand image with the situation we live in. Make see that you are capable of put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and show flexibility when relaunching your sales strategies (extension of payment terms, incentives for loyal customers, facilities in return processes, etc.)

Provides security

If you have a physical establishment, you need to support your promotion strategies with content related to security measures that you have implemented. As we have already commented, the fear factor will be present among a significant part of the population. Therefore, you must reinforce your publications in this sense, spreading information that will undoubtedly provide security and confidence to the consumer .

Effective street advertising

As you have seen, despite the fact that many users go for a walk or play sports on the streets, they still there is fear of entering the establishments . This happens, even in those who strictly comply with security measures. It’s time to explore effective advertising media . If the user begins to go out, use billboards, shop windows, etc., to display your advertising.

The importance of online media

If there is something that has been demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic , is the importance of online means to maintain contact with users and customers . When it comes to thinking about how to advertise for the new normal, you can’t miss a online marketing strategy aligned with your goals and with the interests of your clients. It is essential for stay competitive And without any doubt, it is one of the main keys that will allow you to successfully overcome the serious situation that we must face for an indefinite period of time.

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