Free platforms for sharing documents in the cloud

herramientas para comparrtir datos en la nube

For a long time, the vast majority of companies have chosen to reduce the number of documents they handle on paper to the minimum possible. All this helped by the possibility that some applications give to share documents in the cloud . Not only are unnecessary costs avoided, but also many of the day-to-day processes are simplified and streamlined when budgets, contracts, invoices or memoranda are written and sent through electronic means.

One of the factors that contributes to many companies being able to operate almost 100% digitally is the ability to share files of all types and large sizes easily using cloud services . Although in the cases of large corporations they have specific tools for their operational and security needs, any company can use platforms to share documents online without the need for large outlays of money.

Some of the most widespread services for this purpose offer a free option that allows freelancers and small businesses to operate in the cloud without any cost . Next, we collect the best known and used around the world:

  • Dropbox . Designed to be able to have all the documents on various devices automatically, this platform in its basic option offers from 2 to 18 Gb storage at no cost to the user. Through shared folders, it enables several people to have access to the same documents directly from their computer and control the changes that have been made to them.
  • Box . Very similar to the previous one, this platform that has specific applications for smartphones offers up to 5 Gb of free storage at no cost, safely. In business plans (with cost) it offers the integration of sales management to facilitate centralized customer follow-up.
  • Google drive . The evolution of Google Docs with 5 Gb of free space to save different document formats has as its flag collaboration between teams that work remotely in a simple, intuitive way and without the need to install any type of software on the user’s computer.
  • SkyDrive The integration with Office, the online presentation of photos and slides and a greater capacity (7 Gb) in its free plan are Microsoft’s weapons to attract users to its cloud storage service.
  • Ubuntu One . Despite its name, this service is not only available to users of the Linux distribution. The 5 Gb of space for documents of the free plan can be available on Android, iOS, Windows devices and, of course, those that run on the operating system that gives it its name. As a differential feature, it offers a streaming music service that raises the capacity of the service to 20 Gb for a fee of $ 3.99 per month.
  • Wikisend . Designed for occasional uses, this website offers the possibility of uploading documents of up to 100 Mb to its servers that can then be easily shared with anyone through a password-protected download link. You do not need any type of registration or installation of any software to use it.

Of course, there are more options for sharing files online but these are the most popular and easy to use for any business. We hope they are useful to you.



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