Learn to design an effective email It is one of the most effective actions within your online marketing plan. To help you with this we have created an infographic with these 12 easy steps . Good design should help ensure delivery, capture the recipient’s attention (from the inbox), and induce action. But before starting to design any piece of communication by e-mail it is necessary to have solved three key points that will be the pillars of creativity :

  • What we want to communicate . Perry Marshall, an expert in online marketing, said: “The most important objective of each email you send is … to have the next one read to you …” Therefore select your content very well and make it relevant.
  • Who are we going to communicate it to? . If you know your recipients well, you will be able to make a more personalized communication.
  • Anti-SPAM filters . Worldwide, a total of 294 billion emails are sent daily, of which 106 million are classified as SPAM .

As in everything, there is no 100% effective general rule but with these advice we are sure that we are closer to success.




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