The crowdfounding it’s one of the best ways to assess whether a new product launch would be successful with consumers. Marketing managers who have been in the profession for a few years will remember the long processes of market study to which any new product that was wanted to commercialize was submitted. The costs derived from the selection of the samples, the telephone interviews, the consumer panels and the analysis of all the data collected, meant that only companies with large budgets could afford this type of analysis. investigation .

The Internet is dramatically changing how businesses can assess whether a new launch can be successful among consumers. Not only are there a large number of services that allow market studies to be carried out in a much faster, more accessible and economical way, but if the strategies are optimized in the different social platforms, it is the clients themselves who ask the companies what they do. would like to find in the market.

These new channels of interaction with the client have been added in recent months by the platforms of crowdfunding . The operation of websites such as Kickstarter , Throw us, Indiegogo or Drip It’s similar. Any person or organization can propose the idea of a new product or service to be commercialized and all those who believe that this project should be started make a financial contribution so that it can become a reality. In this way, If the proposed project gets sufficient support, success is assured once it is made available to the general public.

Although perhaps large corporations have no place in the crowdfounding formula, this type of initiative makes it possible for companies with fewer resources to innovate without taking great financial risks and ensuring that the investment made in the development of the product will have a return in the medium term. . And all this without having to resort to those laborious and expensive traditional market studies.


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