Creating a website is a team effort

The corporate culture on the Internet world grows day by day and more and more people are coming to the conclusion that the development of a web page or an application implies much more than having something that is beautiful and that works .

For this reason, the number of companies that stop hiring the services of a programmer is increasing. freelance to develop a website and hire the services of an online marketing agency.

It is no longer enough to have an excellent programming team to execute a successful project, but it must be integrated within a group of professionals experts in complementary areas:

Development + Design

A very common mistake, even among advertising agencies not used to the online world, is to think that a designer can design a brochure one day and a great website the next. Thinking like this is similar to thinking that a Formula 1 driver can drive a fire truck without making a difference. Web design requires experience, usability knowledge and some technical sensitivity , especially in recent times in which the design must be responsive and adapt to all kinds of devices.

The complicity between the design team and the development team is essential to achieve a round website. Programmers usually propose technical solutions that improve a lot after going through the hands of a designer and designers often have ideas that are impossible to implement if they are not supported by a good programmer.

Development + Usability

Usability is a highly reviled discipline, but it is essential if we want our website to be successful. It consists of studying the behavior that users will have within a web to get them to naturally fulfill the goal we have set for ourselves .

Ultimately, usability is what leads us to make decisions about how to display certain elements: Is the banner at the top or the bottom better? Is it better to make a drop-down menu or allow the user to enter more and more sections on their own?

While developers are primarily concerned that things work as well as possible and without errors, a usability expert is concerned that things serve what they have to serve.

Uniting usability and development we get a website that works as it should, without errors and fulfills the purpose for which it was designed .

Development + SEO

Nowadays is impossible to conceive of SEO without having experts in development . I recommend reading a great article from my colleagues on the Trazada SEO team about the importance of technical SEO .

Development + Social Networks

Social networks, mainly Facebook, provide users with tools to create personalized content that are very difficult to exploit without the collaboration of a development team.

The symbiosis between social media and development makes it possible for the presence of a brand in a social network to differentiate itself from the rest and offer business opportunities that its competitors do not have. Without going any further, all Facebook users receive notifications or see content from applications that their friends are using published on their wall, and this is the result of the collaboration of experts in social networks with developers who know how to analyze and crystallize their ideas.

Development + Marketing

Web pages have long ceased to be a stand-alone element that worked by itself, if they ever really were. A successful website only makes sense included within the framework of a online marketing strategy , so that the web can constitute the central element of the strategy or it can simply be an element that reinforces other marketing actions.

Web analysts and programmers must be aware that their work is encompassed within a broader framework in which technical knowledge is as valuable as the strategic knowledge of the marketing team.

Through this relationship, it is not only possible to improve the results of a company through conventional online strategies, but more original solutions can emerge, such as mini-games in flash, QR codes or augmented reality.

In short, the close collaboration between developers and other professionals achieves that the result is much more than the sum of the work of the people involved in the project .

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