What do we Spaniards buy on the Internet? It is a question that surely many people and companies are asking. In the midst of the decline in economic activity that all sectors of activity have been experiencing in our country in recent years, electronic commerce continues to show that it is in very good health. More and more citizens are betting on making their purchases through the screen and the data show that this trend will continue to grow in the coming months.

According to a study by the ONTSI (National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Systems), e-commerce grew in Spain by 19.8% in 2011 compared to the previous year. During 2011, more than 13 million citizens made some type of purchase on the Internet and of those who had not made any online transaction up to that moment, almost 13% assured that they were willing to buy online in a short period of time.

With some numbers that highlight that the profile of the Internet user who uses this medium to purchase products and services is increasingly varied , The range of sectors that have significant sales figures in electronic commerce has also been expanded. Yes OK the tourism sector continues to be the leader As soon as the number of buyers (almost half of the consumers who made a purchase on the Internet purchased transport tickets), other products begin to take off in Internet sales. After the traditional ticket sales to shows and events, the brands of clothes and complements they have seen how their results figures on the Internet have skyrocketed. Other businesses where the consumer has traditionally been reluctant to shop remotely are also seeing positive growth in e-commerce. More and more citizens are used to buying food online or contract financial services through the Web.

It is logical to think that with the ever-increasing introduction of high-speed connections in Spanish homes, the variety of products that we purchase on the Internet will also increase.


Source: Red.es


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