Should I bid on my brand in Adwords? Part ii

Part II of the article ‘Should I bid on my brand on Adwords?’

Some time ago we told you about the commercial advantages of bid for my brand in Adwords . To complete it, this time we are going to talk about the technical benefits of doing this practice. And it is that we cannot lose clients because SEO does not show me if my clients look for me with “v” instead of with “b”, or put my separate name when it is together. If our competition falls into this detail, it is easier for us to lose the user since the product, service or offer is the one that has led him to make his query and he is not very clear about our name.

Technical benefits of bidding on your brand in Adwords

Let’s now analyze the technical benefits that bidding on our brand brings us.

  • Relevance : All the CTR values that we are going to achieve are going to be very high. From personal experience I speak of ranges higher than 40-50% in each of the words that make up our Branding campaign.
  • Quality : All the keywords that bid for our brand will soon achieve the highest score in this range: 10 out of 10. Thanks to the very high CTR range that I mentioned above.
  • Cost per click : The sum of Quality and Relevance (along with another million other things) affects the CPC of the words that make up this type of campaign. All keywords branded are very inexpensive. It is the cheapest traffic you can buy since its CPC is usually around € 0.04 … cheap and relevant.

And do you know the best of everything?

That no matter how small it is ours Brand campaign its results have an impact on the rest of the campaigns that make up the account.

The very high CTRs of this campaign are part of the historical of the whole exercise. So when calculating the quality of the campaign is taken into account. This can allow us to reduce the CPC of the rest of the campaigns.

Bidding on our brand can get us to pay less for the rest of the words that make up the account.

What does this mean? This means that when bidding on our own brand we increase exercise performance palpably:

– Costs reduction; increases in quality, traffic, relevance; improvement of middle positions …

As of others not so palpable:

-Web presence, defense against competition, we do not lose presence by me isspellings


And you do you think?

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