The personalized television advertising it’s here. For decades, the broadcasting of advertisements on television was synonymous with success for many companies, although the public was reached en masse without being clear about what kind of people would see the spots. With the increase in the supply of channels and programs, companies began to choose in which spaces they wanted to be known based on the estimates of the demographic profile of the audience of each of them. However this audience segmentation it was based on statistics and studies that did not allow to be 100% sure that the people who sat in front of the television would be interested in what the advertiser was offering.

In recent years there has been a evolution of televisions towards a more interactive experience . The large consumer electronics companies are aware of the importance for advertisers of being able to direct their advertising towards those who might be really interested in their product and therefore companies such as Apple or Samsung focus on developing and offering televisions that offer the user a different and much more individualized interaction. There are already many households that have calls Smart tv or devices that allow access to the Internet from the television, opening the possibility of technologies that will allow personalizing both the content that the viewer wishes to see and the advertising that will be shown.

Pilot experiences have already been launched in the United States in which the ads the viewer sees are different depending on the program they are watching, your age, gender, interests, or income level. Systems like Gracenote they are beginning to show that targeted advertising on television is not only possible but that in the not too distant future it will become the standard.


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