For several years now, the popularization of health systems has been predicted among the majority of the population. augmented reality , e Ingress seems to have found the key. The great penetration of smart mobile phones , equipped with cameras and location systems Gps , seemed to encourage users to start using applications in this field in their daily lives. However, experiences with augmented reality so far they have not gone beyond some spectacular evidence of marketing actions . Even easy-to-use mobile applications like Layar do not seem to have caught on with the general public and only a small percentage of consumers are aware of their existence.

The launch of Ingress At a global level, it can contribute to the disappearance of this ignorance of augmented reality systems by smartphone owners and that users finally become familiar with these forms of interaction that mix the physical world with the virtual .

This game turns the planet into a great game board in which two sides compete to dominate as much ground as possible. Thus, users become players who belong to one of the two teams and must conquer as much surface as possible in their city or everywhere they physically go.

The fact that it is Google the company you are in behind this project and its ability to promote the game worldwide has meant that, even in a trial period, Ingress has generated a lot of expectation and thousands of people have already requested access to the beta to be part of this experience. Perhaps this is the way in which augmented reality systems for the general public become popular and thus open the door to new projects in this field.


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