How to prepare for the increase in online consumers

The state of alarm for Covid-19 has led to a large increase in online consumers in recent months . Several studies confirm this, such as the one carried out by the Capgemini consultant . This report shows that 77% of consumers prefer to use technologies that allow them to interact with brands without any type of contact . Beyond the pandemic, 62% would prefer to continue using them indefinitely. If the digital transformation of brands was necessary before the coronavirus, today it is undoubtedly essential. ¿You want to know how to prepare so as not to be left behind ? Here we tell you.

Online consumers and Covid-19

The digital transformation of brands has meant an important advance in customer relations and communications. Online media have allowed us access information more comfortably and efficiently . But today, with the arrival of Covid-19, digital transformation has become a necessity , caused by fear and insecurities of the user.

That is why there has been a significant increase in online consumers in just 3 months. This situation clearly puts in disadvantage To them physical establishments who continue to rely solely on him word of mouth and his face-to-face activity . Even more so if possible, when technology allows the incorporation of resources such as geolocation, positioning beacons, facial or voice recognition, etc., where we can offer valuable information and carry out strategic actions without the need for contact with the user.

Digital transformation of brands

Understanding these concerns, the increase in online consumers forces us to carry out the digitization process of our brand . Either completely or adapting the technologies implemented to the current moment, it is time to get going. Today, your online presence must revolve around your digital platform (website, corporate blog), always taking into account the needs of your potential customers .

Having a website will allow you to achieve the necessary visibility to make a gap between your direct competition . The online marketing strategies around your platform are going to be endless. You will have the potential to spread your content and make them reach your target audiences. Among the most popular broadcast platforms, we will find the social media waves promotional campaigns for search engines , email , etc.

But if there is something really important, with which you can effectively reach consumers online , is the ability to analyze large volumes of data coming from your platforms and those of your competition. If digital analytics allows us something, it is to be able to adapt our strategies to the needs of our potential clients. The digital transformation of your business is totally necessary, in the face of a scenario in which digital media have proven to be essential in the lives of users .

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