Although few trusted the success of Google’s social experiment, it seems that the company’s efforts to make it known to users are slowly paying off. Thanks this Google Plus will offer complete statistics on company pages . A few days ago we read the news that Google Plus had outnumbered Twitter global users and the number of companies that decide to start building their presence on this platform is increasing.

Those responsible for the project are working to facilitate brand management in the social network and the guides created specifically so that small businesses can make the most of their functionalities after the integration of Google Places and conversion in Google Plus Local. This, together with the supposed beneficial effects to improve the positioning in the search engine, encourages companies to take the step of creating their page on the platform.

If until now the management of these pages did not go beyond very basic functionalities, Google Plus begins to show that it is a very useful tool for the online marketing of any company and for this, usage statistics are essential. Although now the administrators can only know the number of followers of the same and the way in which the publications made are disseminated (through the “Echoes”), the intention of Google is to show some complete statistics both visits and interaction over time as well as their integration in Analytics.

At the moment, we will have to wait to know the exact data of the activity in Google Plus although with some tricks we can know the number of visits that certain publications have.


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