The large number of utilities offered by using online storage services has made a large number of companies have decided to use these tools to migrate your data to the cloud . Among other advantages, cloud computing It reduces the costs of maintaining the structure, allows faster and easier updates and makes it possible for employees to access the office remotely at any time, facilitating their mobility.

However, one of the doubts of many entrepreneurs when handling company data through these services is whether their safety is guaranteed or if, on the contrary, they are exposed to make it easier to have leaks of some kind .

There is no doubt that no one can affirm that today a system is 100% inviolable but, if the necessary precautions , migrating our data to network servers should not be more problematic than having it offline in our offices.

First of all, for ensure the protection of documents the most essential thing is to choose our supplier well. Hiring one that offers us the greatest confidence and that has sufficient mechanisms so that the security of the service cannot be easily compromised is essential.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that apart from the fact that our providers carry out backups periodically, it never hurts to program additional ones stored locally. In this way, in the event of a problem in the cloud servers, we will always have a copy in our possession.

Finally, we must not forget that it is essential that we keep in mind that the weakest link in the chain is usually the human factor. It is very important that we check that all security mechanisms are correctly configured and that each user complies with basic standards for the protection of their devices and passwords.



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