Those informally known as brand domains are included in the group of generic top-level domains . At first this type of domains that could be requested by any individual , company or organization were only known .com, .net, .info and .org . Over the years ICANN has approved new extensions for Internet extensions, including the .xxx domain dedicated to pornographic sites, which was launched in 2011.

Despite the fact that domain extensions include a wide variety, there was still a large group of people interested in being able to create domains without restrictions. For this reason, a process began in 2008 that would culminate in 2012 when ICANN opened the deadline for the new generic top-level domains to be registered. These domains have no limitations and therefore can be any word , including trademarks, that the applicant requires.

The “New generic Top-Level Domains” as they are known in English, they will be introduced into the system in the first months of 2013, but first, ICANN wants to give companies the opportunity to protect their trademarks. To prevent individuals from acquiring the domains with the names of the companies, a program called “Trademark Clearinghouse” has been launched.

Starting next March 26, all those companies with trademarks can prove their ownership through a website created for this purpose. In this way, they will have priority when registering domains with these names in front of the general public and will be alerted if someone else requests the ownership of new domains that may infringe their trademark property rights.

To know all the phases of the process and have access to training seminars, all interested parties can consult the information on the website of new generic ICANN domains .


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