WhatsApp news: Advantages for companies in 2020

WhatsApp news

We present you the WhatsApp news that are being launched in 2020. Both in the personal version and in the business version (WhatsApp Business), we will be able to enjoy some more advantages. This includes some business improvements , in their way of managing communications internally and in the relationships between the brand and the client. In this article about WhatsApp news, we show you the steps that the popular messaging platform has taken to meet the needs of users and companies .

WhatsApp news 2020

Fewer limitations on video calls

As we have mentioned, communications improve on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business thanks to the incorporation of a new tool. The Union of Facebook with Messenger Rooms , will allow meetings of up to 50 people that can be enabled from the WhatsApp application. Messenger Rooms, will allow the joining of users to the meeting rooms, without the need to open an account on the platform .

Other advantages of incorporating Messenger Rooms into WhatsApp are the creation of video conferencing without time limit , with end-to-end encrypted security protocols. In the design section, we can also customize its appearance, through filters, lighting options, various themes, 360º tools or augmented reality.

Chat search

When managing communications with clients, work groups, companies, etc., WhatsApp incorporates news in searches to facilitate and expedite access to information. In this way, we will be able to carry out these searches by date (day, month and year). With this, we avoid having to scroll, which in certain companies with a large volume of users connected to the company, can be endless.

At the same time, we will have another option of search through filters for images, videos, audios, texts, etc. As of now, we have a greater control over certain content in relation to its veracity . When a content is shared more than 4 times, we can go to Google to check if it is uploaded to the Internet and if it really is true information.

Whatsapp for multiple devices

Everyone was aware of the restriction of WhatsApp when using the platform on different devices, simultaneously. The only option so far was to use it on a computer, using the WhatsApp Web tool. This restriction disappears, so we will be allowed use the messaging tool on up to 4 devices at the same time .

As you can see, the WhatsApp news in 2020 They are an advance for communications between users, but especially to facilitate the management of these to any type of company. We hope that WhatsApp continues to advance in this regard, so that we can continue to inform you and help you achieve success with your business , in the digital age.

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