A new year has just begun and it is time to make an assessment of what the main trends in web design and the paths that the industry will follow Web development during the 2013 .

If most of those responsible for online businesses are clear about one thing, it is that the next twelve months will be mobile . The huge worldwide expansion of smartphones with internet access and other devices such as tablets will undoubtedly be one of the biggest influencing factors this year when it comes to launching a website. Therefore the responsive design (or Responsive Web Design ) is one of the hottest topics in specialized forums. Even Google’s search quality team indicated that having a responsive site is preferable to displaying different versions of the web for various devices.

With the aim of facilitating the interaction of the user who navigates with a mobile phone and making information accessible, in 2013 we will see how web pages have bigger buttons . This way you can take advantage of the qualities of the screens with touch technologies instead of making it difficult to navigate the site. Also with the focus on a greater usability , it will tend to show all the information in a single simple page without resorting to complex menus. Another element that is becoming increasingly important for developers is the type of typography Used on the web, it is now considered one more factor of the general appearance of the site and is chosen taking into account both aesthetic and functional criteria.

In terms of technology, the use of HMTL5 and CSS3 both for its versatility and for the large number of options around them that are appearing to facilitate the task of designers. The ability to integrate interactive and animation elements in a simple way and without resorting to additional plugins that the user must install together with the constant evolution of development standards, make this language a safe bet for 2013.



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