Summary I SEM Congress in Madrid

Although in our country there are great specialists in search engine marketing, the truth is that the SEM community It is more dispersed than that formed by those who are dedicated to SEO and, therefore, are less active in organizing events. Therefore, it may be surprising that despite the long journey of many working in pay-per-click campaigns or search engine ads , during the weekend of 10 and 11 of this same month of January, the first SEM congress of professionals in Spain .

At that meeting, the interested parties were able to attend practical workshops on Friday afternoon in which, among other topics, they were discussed as the remarketing and integration of Google Products and Adwords . This last issue was especially relevant given the proximity of the date on which Google Shopping will become a payment service for businesses in Spain.

Saturday morning was reserved for lectures. Among the speakers was Brad Geddes one of the best known personalities in the sector worldwide and who explained how it was possible to take advantage of the different phases of the purchase cycle to increase the performance of campaigns on the display network.

Competitor analysis tools SEMrush had its space in the congress. Using these types of services to monitor what other companies do, how they obtain good results and then apply this information to our campaigns is one of the ways to ensure the success of our ads.

Regarding future opportunities, video ads and those shown in mobile devices they will experience tremendous growth in the coming months, making them the fields to be explored today.

The overall conclusion of many of those attending the congress is that it is essential to carry out an integrated strategy between advertising campaigns (both in search and display), SEO and social networks to obtain the maximum return on the money invested in each of these fields.

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