Social media strategies beyond confinement

Due to confinement, social media strategies have been transformed to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. Agencies and professionals in the world of online marketing , have accompanied the trademarks in order to adapt to new goals . Regardless of the sector, many companies have needed a complete digital transformation and others have simply modified their strategies to provide valuable content to your customers . The goal is clear, not to disappear from the public scene during Covid-19. To do this, we will tell you about some relevant changes in social media strategies that we will see beyond confinement.

Social media strategies for Covid-19

A large number of sectors , have been especially affected by Covid-19. Hospitality, tourism, culture, education, sports, transport, etc., have needed to reinvent themselves during the pandemic . Faced with the impossibility of generating income, social media strategies have been completely transformed. For example, during the last days we have attended numerous events via streaming (concerts, operas, etc). At the same time, routine activities such as training or sports have been reinforced with teaching online classes .

With different levels of effectiveness, these types of actions arise from the capacity for improvisation and adaptation of people, faced with an unprecedented crisis: How could it be otherwise, many commercial brands took the lead, guided by specialized teams to adapt your social media strategies to the new situation .

Social media strategies beyond confinement

Beyond confinement let’s see how some of these actions remain , as part of the set of services that a company offers its customers. There are several factors that will contribute to a new reality. Among them, the certain fear and mistrust of the population when it comes to returning to normality and adaptation of technological and human resources by companies. Both factors will contribute to the incorporation of online services on a regular basis .

It is not that we speak of anything new in this sense, but if we will observe a increased use of certain digital resources , which to a great extent we will find in social networks . Internally, meetings and informative talks, together with teleworking, will be more common and frequent in a greater number of companies. With regard to the client, services such as distance training, customer service by videoconference or live promotional events, will be a reality to which it will not take us to get used to.

To create strategies in social networks adapted to this new reality , we can talk about some like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. They are recognized platforms that offer this type of service effectively. We will be forced to use these resources more frequently, to adapt and satisfy consumer needs . If you haven’t already, it’s time to take the step towards digital transformation . The world we live in may not be the same and your business cannot be left behind.

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