SEO techniques that no longer rank in Google

We are in 2013 and almost 20 years have passed since Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google. In all this time, web search engines have undergone a transformation and their algorithms they have little to do with what they were in the beginning. For this reason, the criteria that robots took into account to order search results in the 90s and the decade from 2000 to 2010 are not the same that they currently achieve. a site appears in the first position in Google .

Thus, many of the SEO techniques that specialists used with good results until a few years ago they no longer position in Google nor are they effective. And they can even lead to the website being penalized by Google’s search quality team. Here are the Top 3 SEO strategies that are obsolete today (although many insist on continuing to use them):

  1. Keyword saturation in the content of the page. For a long time, search engines were not able to identify synonyms and therefore the more times the term for which we wanted to position appeared, it was easier for the site ranking for that word to be better. Today, the only thing we will achieve by increasing the density of keywords on our site is that the algorithm thinks it is a spam page.
  2. Excessive use of meta-tags . A hyper-optimization of these tags, including a large number of terms, is one of the signals that currently causes robots to mark a page as low quality.
  3. Purchase and exchange of links . Basing our SEO strategy on getting inbound links from portals dedicated to buying and selling links is the best way to ensure that Google will penalize our website in search results.

These SEO techniques do not serve to position due to the evolution of algorithms, from a more technical and simple formula to a more complex and social one. Getting a website to the top of search results in 2013 is a job that requires long-term effort, forging relationships, and prioritizing users over bots.

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