SEO strategies: Different applications for the company

When we talk about SEO strategies to position a commercial brand , we enter a complex and diverse world that goes beyond being highlighted in a major search engine or in the social network with the highest audience. The different applications of SEO allow us to address multiple fields and create as many projects as aspects we need to promote within the company . Similarly, we cannot focus solely on the website when talking about SEO strategies. Outside there is a whole world to discover and we are going to show you. We talk about the different applications of SEO for boost your business in online media .

Search engine SEO

It is true that search engine positioning is the first that comes to mind when we talk about SEO strategies. Logically, appear in the first Google results it is important because of its huge audience. But we must not forget that there are others such as Yahoo, Bing, etc., which can provide us with relevant traffic for the interests of our business.

Search engine SEO is increasingly complex, due to the functionalities that are being incorporated. Work is no longer enough keywords to position the website in the search results. For example, today we can position our videos from the Youtube channel, products and services through your trading platform , images, etc.

Finally, it should be noted that SEO strategies to enhance the visibility of a brand, allow us to position according to the area of geographic action where we have a presence . In other words, we can carry out actions at the local, national or even international level. These actions can be optimized and personalized for each point of sale and even apply multilanguage SEO techniques if we have a presence abroad.

SEO on professional platforms and social networks

exist platforms for business , where we can also highlight our commercial brand. The company directories , electronic shops , platforms offers Y promotions and even the social media They have search engines so that the user can find what they are looking for efficiently.

In the same way that it happens in SEO for search engines, we must apply optimized strategies of positioning to reach audiences . Whether it is to highlight informative content or our products and services, SEO on these platforms is essential to enhance the positioning and image of our brand.

Mobile SEO

Another aspect of SEO that we must take into account is that aimed at optimizing our presence in the various navigation devices . In addition to continuing to work on positioning for searches from desktops or laptops, the Mobile SEO it has become the top priority. For some time, content searches through smartphones have surpassed those made on traditional devices.

Other applications of SEO

In addition to what has been mentioned so far, SEO strategies can be applied on other equally relevant platforms. Among them, we must highlight the actions to position corporate blogs . These are spaces created to reinforce the brand image, capture the attention of the audience through quality content and attract future customers to the commercial website. Other platforms allow us highlight events of all kinds, such as conferences, concerts, etc.

As you can see, positioning goes far beyond the website. This is why it is so important know in depth this discipline Y have online marketing professionals , to create reliable SEO strategies that allow you to position your brand as a benchmark within your business sector. Are you interested in going further? Stay with us, we want to make it a little easier for you.

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