Online strategies to reach the consumer in 2021

Covid-19 has accelerated online shopping , forcing brands to rethink their online strategies to reach the consumer in 2021. According to him IAB Spain study Regarding the impact of the pandemic, during the months of the state of alarm 7.4 purchases were made on average with an expense close to € 100. This increase is largely marked by the need to avoid certain risks, such as physical contact between people or fear of shortages. In this article, we are going to talk to you about how to create online strategies aimed at convert a user into a customer in 2021 .

Online strategies to attract customers in 2021


Optimized online platforms

To attract a customer in 2021, you will need one more than ever online platform optimized and adapted to the needs of target audiences . Before launching to promote your brand, you need your website, corporate blog, etc., to meet the new demands of the online consumer. Get ready for a new transformation, in which the user experience is more important than ever. Factors such as design, functionality and adaptation to different navigation devices will be decisive for achieving success with your online strategies.

Need to be more competitive

The panorama that Covid-19 is leaving behind is not very encouraging. On an economic level, we suffered a great fall and this translates into the need to create a truly competitive brand. Due to this circumstance, we will find consumers much more concerned about prices of any product or service. There will be a greater search and demand for offers and promotions that allow them to make the most of their investment.

Fear of shortages

The pandemic and the fear of possible confinements, forces the online consumer to buy products in larger quantities than usual . Therefore, our online strategies must be aimed at promoting mass purchases in exchange for some type of incentive. In this case, the offers and promotions play in our favor, offering competitive pricing on high-volume acquisitions . Similarly, we can create loyalty programs that guarantee supply to loyal customers.

Payment methods

Another factor to take into account is the ease and security when making online transactions. The incorporation of multiple payment methods it is vital if we do not want to lose customers. In addition to having payment with various types of credit card and other popular means such as Paypal, etc., we must explore systems that favor the purchase such as deferred or installment payments without interest.

Brand image

If there is something that will not change in 2021 when it comes to reaching the consumer, it is the need to keep building a professional and trustworthy brand , in addition to competitive. The customer service is going to be another determining factor for the success of our online strategies. With all these ingredients, we can face the immediate changes caused by the pandemic and we will be prepared to successfully face a new stage of the necessary digital transformation.

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