Most popular social networks in 2021

Most Popular Social Networks 2021

With the ‘boom’ of smartphones, and by extension of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, few remember how this online phenomenon began. To do this, we must go back to 1995 and the appearance of SixDegrees , considered by many as the first social network in history. Its objective was to put friends in contact, grouping them according to their degree of relationship so that they could interact by sending messages. Today, almost 30 years later, networks have drastically changed the way we communicate. We tell you which are the most popular social networks and with the most users around the world.

The 10 most popular social networks

More than half of the population uses social networks. Specifically, in 2021 53.6% of people in the world use these platforms. In total, 4.2 billion people, a figure that represents a year-on-year growth of 13.2% compared to the previous year.

There are infinite options to choose from, but we will tell you which are the most popular social networks at the moment.

  • FACEBOOK : Mark Zuckerberg’s network continues to hold its reign as the most used with 2.74 billion users. It is characterized by covering users of different ages thanks to the ease of publishing content. In addition, it is a platform that has known how to take advantage of all the information provided by users to favor brand strategies. Considered the most important social network in the world, it is a safe bet for any business that seeks to increase its sales with social media marketing.
  • YOUTUBE – Nearly two billion users who collectively watch over a billion hours of video every day. Videos are the formats most consumed by the new generations and YouTube is the video platform par excellence. It is a dynamic format that allows you to connect with the audience and provide useful or entertaining information.
  • INSTAGRAM : one of the fashionable social networks in this 2021 is, without any doubt, Instagram. What began as an application to edit and publish photos with striking filters, has today become one of the most important social networks. With over 1 billion users, Instagram offers incredible opportunities for businesses. It is the network that has known how to update itself the most, incorporating constant improvements such as live videos, messages, stories, reels… ..
  • WHATSAPP : the messaging application owned by Facebook has more than 1,600 million users, with implantation in more than 180 countries around the world. It no longer only allows contact with family or friends, but with the arrival of WhatsApp Business, brands have a direct channel with the user. Currently, most companies use it as a channel for customer service.
  • TIK TOK : is the platform chosen to share short videos. It allows users to create videos of between 3 and 60 seconds, adding preset audios or creating their own. In addition, it also allows you to play with third-party videos. The network continues to grow and brands have begun to see it as an opportunity to reach more audience.
  • TWITCH : it is the streaming platform par excellence for gamers, and a tool that in the last year has multiplied its visibility. Many users and brands in other sectors have started creating content for Twitch with live video.
  • SNAPCHAT : This is a multimedia messaging social network in which instead of sending text messages, users communicate through video clips. It provides a multitude of tools to personalize your video messages, such as emojis, stickers, filters and its drawing tool, making it one of the favorites of the youngest users. Despite the arrival of filters also on Instagram, Snapchat has 498 million users in the world.
  • PINTEREST – Allows users to create and manage image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and much more on themed personal dashboards. It is considered the most popular platform for inspiration in any field.
  • TWITTER : is the most popular microblogging tool. One of Twitter’s key differentiators is its focus on real-time information and entertainment. As a result, it is a great site for users to interact and stay up-to-date. In addition, it allows you to monitor online brands, trends and opinions related to your sector. It is a perfect network for fostering customer relationships.
  • LINKEDIN – Offers the ability to post content, articles, recommend, chat with users, search for a job, or post a job. It is the most used platform in the workplace.


Other social networks to consider by number of followers in the world

The ones we have seen so far are not only the most popular social networks, but also the best known to most of the public. However, there are others with millions of users that should also be taken into account.

  • CLUB HOUSE : It is currently the fashion application that everyone talks about. It is the first social network in which the only way to communicate with other users is by voice. No images, no videos, no texts. In this select club, which at the moment is accessed at the invitation of another member, you only interact with live audios. It has virtual themed rooms, in which listeners can comment in real time. At the moment, most of those speaking are high-level experts in their field.
  • REDDIT: allows users to add news and accompany it with text, images, videos or other links. Based on their interests, the community votes and makes the content more or less popular. 430 million users use this social network right now.
  • QZONE : app of Chinese origin that gathers 617 million users. It has a wide range of services, including online shopping, games, movies … Users can upload images, videos, blogs and customize their own virtual profile.
  • WECHAT – It started as a normal messaging app to be the Chinese alternative to WhatsApp. But its great implantation in the Asian country has made it a complete social network. It offers its users an infinite number of functions. In addition to sending messages and making calls, WeChat users can also use this social network to shop online, transfer money, or make ticket or ticket reservations.
  • SINA WEIBO : It is considered the ‘Twitter of China’. Limit posts to 140 characters, featured accounts can be verified, and users can also upload photos and videos to their profiles. The great particularity is that Sina Weibo has 157 million more users than Twitter.


Use of social networks in Spain in 2021

According to the latest report published by the Hootsuite platform, WhatsApp Y Youtube They are still the social networks most used by Spaniards (89%), followed by Facebook (79%), Instagram (69%) and Twitter (53%).

It is noteworthy to highlight the decrease in users in Facebook , which compensates with the growth it is experiencing Instagram in recent years, and it is these 2 social networks where most marketing professionals plan to maintain or increase their investments in 2021, because they are the ones that are currently offering data on higher ROI overall .

Now you know which are the most popular social networks, and it’s time to decide which ones you are going to be on. These types of platforms have an increasingly important weight in corporate communication. Not only do they allow us to inform and interact with customers in a more direct way, but they also become an excellent marketing channel. In Trazada, digital marketing agency specialized in consulting and business acquisition on the Internet, we help you define the strategy to follow to achieve the best results. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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