Society has changed a lot in the last decades and the way in which consumers behave in their daily lives has also changed, causing marketing strategies that should not be used are updated. Most of today’s advertisers don’t think about advertising products as they did in the 1950s. In the same way, these marketing strategies must adapt to the new mindset and don’t develop outdated tactics that will not bring you any long-term benefit.

One of the most serious mistakes is develop the product or service without taking into account the preferences of potential customers . No matter how good a product may seem to the owner of the company, if consumers don’t like it, they won’t buy it no matter how hard we try to create the need.

Another aspect that makes our company have fewer benefits than it should is not integrating communication plans with marketing strategies and do not differentiate between offline and online actions . We must remember that for the customer, the Internet is part of their daily life and they expect the brand to show a unified image both in the physical and virtual world.

Among the most prominent failures for the global strategy of any company is the not having excellent customer service . Today anyone can choose from hundreds of options when purchasing any product and in many cases the final decision can be determined by the quality of the after-sales service. In addition, in the vast majority of sectors it is more important to keep a customer loyal over time than to get a new one. The best way to do this is to respond to possible incidents in the time and manner that it expects.

Finally, the most common mistake is to think that marketing is just selling . It must be clear that the marketing strategy, in addition to being focused on increasing the sales of a company, has implications on the brand value and the image of the same, a variable that has always been relevant.


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