Internet analysis, beyond your own website

On the Internet, the vast majority of actions carried out to develop a company’s marketing strategy can be monitored almost immediately . So we can do this internet analysis We can quickly know if the objectives set will be achieved and, if this is not the case, change the focus of the campaigns so that they are as effective as possible.

To know what is happening with a brand on the Internet we must go beyond analyzing the data obtained from user interaction on your website . The fact that any consumer can tell the world about their experiences with the products and services they acquire on different platforms makes it necessary to take into account the activities carried out in relation to the brand anywhere on the Web.

It may be the case that a company’s website begins to lose traffic and online sales and this has nothing to do with search engine rankings or any of the dreaded Google penalties. Perhaps the problem is that several consumers have had a bad experience with it and are advising other Internet users not to buy on that website. In order to realize this fact, it will be necessary collect data on mentions made to the brand on the Internet and analyze if these may have any impact on the business results of the same.

Also the advertising campaigns that are carried out in media outside the internet or in the physical world they must be taken into account when observing the performance of a site. It is possible that some specific increases in traffic on the web are caused by an advertisement on radio, television or in the press. If we know the exact moments that have caused a certain number of consumers to be interested in the company, we will be able to know which of the messages we use are the ones that are really effective in achieving our objectives.

In any case, we must remember that in order to ensure that everything that we measure in marketing strategies provides us with the vision we need to improve, the most important thing is not to look at specific data but to put them in context in a timely manner.

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