It has been more than a decade since Facebook was founded and the popularization of different websites began that offer anyone the power to relate to both other users and companies in a simple way on the Internet. In addition, businesses have the possibility of find your customers on Social Media , as one more channel of communication. Few are those who dare to say today that the way in which the companies engage with their customers has not changed, since the irruption in our lives of the social media It is obvious. And it is that on the Internet, web 2.0 profiles have become the preferred way for many clients to resolve their doubts regarding a wide variety of products and services.

Although in the network we can find different methods to measure return on investment of a company in social media and it is not yet entirely clear which one is the most suitable for each sector, what is unquestionable is that the cost of not being present on this type of website can be very high for any brand. Consumers have acquired the habit of finding out about the specifications of a product and requesting the opinion of other users about it before making a purchase decision. Complaints, doubts and claims about what they acquired are made public in this medium with which, if they are not present, we will not be able to deal with criticism that may arise and we may lose future customers.

Something fundamental to take into account when integrating a company in social networks is that its communication with the client is two-way. It is not about issuing advertisements aimed at our target audience, but the ideal is to interact with them, listen to objections, suggestions and improve our products and services thanks to their opinions.


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